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Eastman K3 Cello case  Eastman K3 detail Cello case Detail showing Carbon Fibre weave

Eastman Series Cello Cases
The top case in this range is the Eastman K3. This is a genuine Carbon Fibre reinforced resin shell, is incredibly strong, and belies it weight. Whilst we know lighter cases exist, indeed we used to sell them, we always knew that there was a compromise with their strength. It is well appointed with a velcro neck restraint, with a webbing scroll lock, string/rosin pocket, 2 leather carry handles, and webbing ruck straps. The case is rigid enough to only require 7 catches, less than the usual eight. Two velcro fastened bow pouches are located in the lid, and the instrument is located in cushioned padding. It is available in 2 variants; the Titanium Matt & Titanium Carbon Weave both 2.8Kg (approx) Cost from JPB, only £850.
idea evolution cello case
IDEA EVOLUTION CELLO CASE. High Gloss, high German quality fibre glass reinforced cello case. Bridge & case protection. Matt black fittings, secure instrument suspension system, luxury velour padding. Side protection system for extra strength, only 4 catches for quick opening Available in bright or pastel colours, with or without wheels. Also available in metallic finish with wheels only. 2 padded straps with locking fittings.
High Gloss & Pastel cases without wheels 4.9Kg £624
High Gloss & Pastel cases with wheels 5.2Kg £672
Metallic Finish with wheels only 5.2Kg £893
Gewa 2.9 Cello CaseSPECIAL JPB PRICE

ONLY £1300

RRP £1478

Gewa Cello cases Idea Original Carbon 2.9

Interior anthracite

  • Made in Germany
  • Shell made of Hi-Tech carbon fibre fabric
  • Ultra light approx. 2900 g
  • Padded suspension system
  • SPS-lock-system
  • 4 GEWA special locks
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps
  • Exterior carbon fibre black
  • Interior velour padding
Gewa 3.3 Cello CaseSPECIAL JPB PRICE

ONLY £1150

RRP £1300

Gewa Cello cases Titanium Carbon 3.3

Interior bordeaux

  • Made in Germany
  • Carbon shell made of 80 % Hi-Tech carbon fibre fabric
  • Weight approx. 3,3 kg
  • Padded suspension system
  • SPS-Fastening system
  • 4 GEWA special locks
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps
  • Exterior carbon fibre titanium
  • Interior velour padding

Click here for downloadable Information Sheet on Lightweight GEWA Cases
Gewa 3.9 Cello CaseSPECIAL JPB PRICE

ONLY £1150

RRP £967

Gewa Cello cases idea X-Lite 3.9

Black/ bordeaux

  • Made in Germany
  • Carbon fibre reinforced synthetic resin shell
  • Weight approx. 3,9kg
  • Padded suspension system
  • SPS-Fastening system
  • 4 GEWA special locks
  • Accessory pocket
  • 2 detachable Neoprene rucksack straps
  • Velour padding
Gewa Cello Case, Aramid Carbon

Gewa Aramid Cello CaseShell made of Carbon Fibre & Kevlar, This combines the ultimate in strength & resilience & is only 3.1Kg
Price £1200,
RRP £1365

idea cello case

German Quality
Glass Fibre Case with
Side protection system, only 4 easy to use catches.
Ruckstraps, 2 plastic carry handles . 6 colours.

Light 4.6kg          947.00
Standard 5.5kg   576.00
Wheely6.5kg      798.00
idea cello case Gewa Idea Cello case 7/8 & 3/4 Size fitting kit This fits ALL Gewa Idea Cello cases both Fibre Glass and Carbon Fibre Cases and comprises all of the parts necessary to ensure that smaller instruments are safely located in a Full Size Gwea Idea Cello case (will not necessarily fit other makes) This is supplied to Order (generally 3-4 days) Cost £60
Sinfonica Cello Case Sinfonica Cello Case
New & Improved Lightweight Design. Both regular and wheeled versions available in silver, black, green, blue and red. Fibreglass shell. Available Size: 4/4 Fibreglass hard case with carrying handles and rubber feet, fully lined interior featuring padded suspension system, Metal spike plate, Back pack straps, Hygrometer, Lightweight
With Wheels Option:Includes carrying handle in head as illustrated top left and rubber wheels.

No Wheels Only 4.4Kg Price £325
With Wheels Only 4.7Kg Price £340

Eastman K2 Cello Case
Eastman K 2 Cases
These cases have the same basic shell as the K3 case and are Carbon Fibre reinforced. The percentage of Carbon Fibre is not as high as the K3, hence the lower price, however the reinforcing resin base is thicker to counteract this, so the strength is similar.
It is available in White, Silver, Green & Blue, solid colours & Iridescent Blue & Pink.
Weight only 3.7Kg approx
JPB price ONLY £670
solid colours £770 iridescent colour
Violin gig stand

Styro shell case with canvas cover zip fastening. Rruck straps and handle. 4/4 & 3/4 with wheels 4.5Kg
.1/2,1/4 without wheels 4Kg carryhandle.
Hiscox Cellos
Tough ABS shell with Aluminium Reinforcing band. 2 Carry Handle & ruckstraps:
Available with / without wheels.British Made.

Standard Black 5.2kg      210.00
Standard Ivory  5.5kg       234.00
Standard Black, wheels   234.00
Standard Ivory, wheels     258.00
Deluxe black outer/wine interior 5.8kg 361.00
Deluxe black outer/green interior 5.8kg 361.00
Deluxe ivory outer/wine interior, wheels 6.0kg 383.00
Deluxe ivory outer/wine interior, wheels 6.0kg 383.00

The deluxe cello cases, illustrated below, now have a fitted hygrometer (an indicator of humidity level). This is available as an optional extra on standard cases.
Hiscox Deluxe Cellos

academy cello case
NEW ACADEMY CELLO CASE. This case has been redesigned and improved by the Manufacturer and is so much better that we are finding it hard to believe that at the moment the price has been held. It is manufactured in A.B.S. and very strong, has Rucksack Straps, wheels, and 2 bow holders. 7 Locking clasps & 3 carrying handles, plus a recessed sprung loaded handle in the rear of the neck to pull it along complete the specification. Well padded instrument support system, Velcro neck fastening. It will be available in a selection of glossy exterior colours and weighs 6Kg. Amazingly only £240

Semi-Rigid Cello Case

Semi-rigid high density foam construction
Price £ 135.00

Semi-rigid Cello Case

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Backpack Cushion 46.20
This ingenious backpack cushion was specifically designed for use a single top `D' ring cello cases, but is modifiable for `D' rings either side of the neck. This product is a fraction of the price of the `Fiedler' product, but effectively does the same.