Hildersine Stand

This super new highly Collapsible Violin Stand is a must for any violinist! It is competitively priced at £24 from JPB & does NOT have fluorescent rubber sleeves but BLACK Weighs less than 400gm. (please excuse the Korean English!)
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Metal, folding
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Metal, folding
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Metal, folding
Gewa Cello BoyCELLO BOY

Wood finish stand, with plush padding for a 3/4 -4/4 Cello. (pad out for smaller cellos) Superb protection in an attractive and stable stand. Bow stowage section in corner .
£ 125.00
Kinsman Viola Stand
Kinsman instrument standThis Wooden A Frame base stand was originally designed for use with Guitars, however it works really well for the Violin/Viola using the Electric Electric Guitar stand, and for the Cello with the Acoustic Guitar stand. Very attractive and `funky design, with a small size footprint.

Either Stand only £19.20
Bow Hook

And don't forget, for those violin/viola players who haven't got space to have a floor or table mounted stand, you can purchase a Wall mounted Hanger, which even has a Bow Hook. (supplied with screws & rawlplugs) Available not only for Full Size Violins & Violas, but also small size instruments.
GoldHygrometer Quality Hygrometer Indicates whether the instrument is at risk from adverse atmospheric conditions, whether too dry, or too damp. Adheres to inside of case
Chrome & Silver 8.20
Gilt & Gold Coloured 11.90 (German)

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Stained wood
Black or teak

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Beech, Pine, Walnut
Cremonese stand
Very strong & elegant full size music stand
Wooden table & legs, black metal pole and adjustments.
Superb value only
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Sturdy Black Metal
Large Desk

Can also be supplied as a Deluxe version (TGI) with a Canvas Bag for £32 (Not available separately)
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K & M Rainbow
Multi-coloured or 9 individual colours best quality
Metal music stand
German Metal
Chrome or Colours

Unique folding music stand
The Jazz stand is a professional quality music stand with a full range of height adjustment, industry standard stability and a full size music tray with pencil shelf. When unfolded, the Jazz stand is adjusted by raising or lowering it to the desired height and leaving it there. Its friction joints ensure that it stays at the right height. The tray has an additional shelf for pencils and small instruments. Friction locks automatically hold the tray at whatever angle you set. JPB Price £73 ALL IN ONE PRICE £80, FAR LESS THAN RRP
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Jazz Stand
Jazz Stand
Jazz Gig Bag

Jazz Stand Gig bag JPB Price £14

Technical specifications

" Height of tray adjustable between 40 and 120 cm (16" and 47") measured from the floor to the bottom of the music " Tray size 51 x 32 cm (20" x 12.5") excluding pencil shelf area " Weight of stand 2.8 kg (6lb 2oz) " Size when folded: 51 x 38 x 5cm (20" x 15" x 2")

Scherzo Ultra Light Aluminium Folding Music Stand
The Scherzo stand is a high quality portable music stand made of aluminium. Being made of aluminium it weighs little more than half as much as other folding music stands of this type. Its high quality joints make it a pleasure to fold and unfold and it has a precise and positive locking button for adjusting the angle of the tray. It comes complete with a nylon carrying bag.
JPB PRICE £21.60
scherzo stand
Scherzo Ultra Light Aluminium Folding Music Stand
Technical Specification
  • All aluminium construction
  • Weight of stand: without bag 0.71kg (1 lb 9oz); with bag 0.78kg (1 lb 11oz)
  • Height measured from floor to lower edge of score adjustable between 49 and 120 cm (19" and 47")
  • Tray size 46 x 29 cm (18" x 11.5")
  • Bag size with stand inside 50 x 11 x 6 cm (19 1/2" x 4" x 2 1/2")
Music Table Joint
 Extendable Conductors Stand,
  • with bag (with hinged aluminium plate)
  • comes complete with carrying bag
  • -light, strong, easy to transport weight: 5.30 kg
  • height: 800mm-1300mm
  • plate size: 310mm x 900mm
  • footprint: 660mm
  • material: steel/aluminium
  • continuous music desk when opened
  • Very stable when in use
JPB Price £120
Conductors Stand
JPB Price £120
Conductor StandProfessional Conductors Stand

New Professional Quality Conductors Stand with Bag

This new stand has quality fittings, and a very sturdy base. The head is designed to either be rigidly fixed, for a permanent siting, or slid on for `mobile' use. The height adjustment is amazing, adjusting from 51cm (20") to 114cm (45"), and the large music desk has a deep tray and is 49cm (19¼") by 35cm (13¾"). The whole stand fits into the supplied canvas bag for easy transportation.

Our Price only £39.00
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 Good Nickel

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Extra Tall
 {short description of image}

Table-Top stand
Folding 12.00
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Light for music stand, clamps on and plugs in. 42.00

Spare lamp 4.20

Strong Stand


Available in a selection of colours
Music Stand extension plates 5.04, black or grey slide onto desk to increase music capacity.
Music Stand extension plate, with storage 12.84
Acoustic Screen


With players now being warned of ear damage from loud noise within an orchestra, more and more Acoustic screens are being purchased. Whilst the main offending instruments are in the brass section, we are now marketing these screens, which have minimal visual impact to the audience.
The acoustic screen is designed to deflect the sound waves away from the ears of the player immediately in front of it
Transparent baffle presents minimum obstruction of sight lines
Stem automatically locks at the desired height - no locking screw required
Height of baffle adjustable from 85 to 155 cm (33"-61") measured to its mid point
Very stable
Rubber feet preserve your floor, and prevent clatter if the screen is knocked.
Screens can be nested for compact storage
Size of baffle 51cm wide x 43cm high (20" x 17"). Weight of screen 3.9kg (8lb 9oz)
Price from JPB £150
Delivery times, from 1 week
Roadie LightThe Roadie Lights package is comprised of a Carabiner LED and a Keychain LED, designed for use in low-light backstage areas. Perfect for DJs, roadies, stagehands, sound technicians, and musicians, the Roadie Lights are durable and handy when you need them! Specifications o Highly efficient LED (light emitting diode) o Brilliant white beam visible as far as a mile away o Constant-on switch for hands-free use o Solid construction using hard-to-break polycarbonate o LED and lithium batteries never need replacing o Good for attaching to your keychain, backpack or belt loop

JPB PRICE £10.20
Mighty Brite Cool GloThe Mighty Bright® CoolGlo™ Music Light, features the very best illumination available for reading music - CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent) minitube technology. It shines a bright yet diffused beam of concentrated light - great for gigs and practice sessions anywhere, anytime. With this soft, white illumination, colours appear rich and true to life Sheet music stands out with contrast and clarity. It's a quality of light that reduces eyestrain as well. The adjustable lamp head moves to point in virtually any direction, and when you're done it folds down to a compact, easy-to-stow unit. There's a durable Carry Bag included as well.

JPB PRICE £22.79
Mighty Bright Triple LEDThe Mighty Bright® Triple L.E.D music light features three ultra-white, state of the art, Light Emitting Diodes for triple bright illumination.
This super-sleek, compact design lets you stow it anywhere, and there's a durable bag included to protect it. When you are ready to play just pull up the unique X-tend™ telescoping arm and point the multi-position lamp head right where you want the concentrated light so you can read music anywhere, anytime, without disturbing others.
It's a versatile light too. Just swing the X-tend™ arm around 180 degrees and it sits, freestanding, to become a great little task light. When the unit is fully collapsed again, you can switch it on and use it as a flashlight.
With the Mighty Bright® Triple L.E.D. Music Light you never need to replace a bulb again. The SUPER L.E.D lasts up to 100,000 hours. That's 3 hours of use every day for 90 years!
JPB Price £21.59, Mains Power Pack £9.59
Mighty Bright XtraflexThe Mighty Bright Xtraflex Super L.E.D. Music Light
is designed as a versatile clip-on or free-standing unit, with an ultra-bendy arm to get the light in almost any position you want, at any time.

The specially-designed lens spreads light evenly, with no beam 'hot spot' - and the bulb never needs replacing! That flexible arm design means it's dead easy to fold up for storage too. 3 x AAA batteries are even included with it!

Use it on pedalboards on dimly lit stages, or make it easy to read music from a score - with this one you can even clip it on your jacket collar and shine it over your work in front of you!
JPB Price £16.79

mighty bright dual lamp
The Twin boom version of the ExtraFlex lamp remains £21.89 (Batteries not included), but we also have an FZone Twin boom Extraflexible light, which includes batteries and a USB power lead at £13.50.

TGI Music Stand Light

*Nine bright energy-saving LEDS with 10 million hours life.
*Flexible gooseneck and stable clip;
*Two brightness level settings, easy to select
*30 hours of battery life(Low settling),24 hours(high)
*Ac adapter and 3 AA batteries included.
Supplied in a Handy Carry box with handle and moulded interior.

JPB Special Price £33.50

Music LED FL-9027

*LED bright energy-saving LEDS with 10 million hours life.
*4 LEDs, Selectable as either 2 or 4 LED's by switch on Lamp Head.
*Operated by 3XAAA batteries(batteries supplied) or USB Plug lead. *Battery Life Approx 100 hours.


JPB Special Price £10.50

Music LED FL-9026

*LED bright energy-saving LEDS with 10 million hours life.
*2 LEDs, operated by switch on Lamp Head.
*Operated by 3XAAA batteries(batteries supplied) or USB Plug lead. *Battery Life Approx 180 hours.

JPB Special Price £9.50

Gewa Model 01/09 Music Light
This is a budget version of the FL 9028, which is now renamed the TGI music Stand Light This unit does not have a mains power supply and carry box, but does have the other features!
Gewa Model 01/09 Music Light
  • Nine bright energy-saving LEDS with 10 million hours life.
  • Flexible gooseneck and stable clip;
  • Two brightness level settings, easy to select
  • 30 hours of battery life(Low settling),24 hours(high)
  • 3 AA batteries included.
  • Supplied with a Nylon carry bag. JPB Special Price £20.50 Please not in the picture above the lights are not on, the glow is the camera flash as it would be too bright for the camera!