Bernadel Rosin Dominant Rosin Pirastro Rosin Hildersine Rosin Arts Rosin Szigetti Rosin
Larica (Liebenzeller) Rosin 27.59 Larica (Liebenzeller) Rosin Link to info sheet on Larica (Liebenzeller) Rosin Paris Superior
(Wooden boxed)
18.80 Peccatte Superior
(Wooden boxed)
Kolstein (low dusting)
Hypo Allergenic
Melos Violin/Viola Light or Dark

Pirastro Eudoxa (light) 10.60
Larsen (low dusting)
Hypo Allergenic
12.24 Pirastro Olive Label (dark) 11.50 Pirastro Obligato 8.60
Gustave Bernadel 8.50 Pirastro Goldflex 11.50 Artcraft (light or dark) 5.70
Jade Rosin
Sonella Light
Clarity Rosin Hypo Allergenic Rosin (Synthetic) 11.79 Hills Rosin (Light & Dark) 7.52
Dominant Rosin 7.40 Geipel Hypo Allergenic 5.92 Birch's A.B. (Dark) 4.20
Millant Deroux 6.80 D'Addario (light or dark) 3.88 Hildersine 3V (Dark) 3.15
Hidersine 1V (Light)  3.67 Hidersine Deluxe 6V Dark 4.60 Hildersine Junior 12v (Light)  2.30
JPB Proff (light or dark) 4.80 Szigetti 4.57 JTL Student 12v (light or dark) 3.10
Andrea Viola Rosin: A Piacere Standard size -£27.75 A Piacere Small - £18.45
Leaflet click here Solo & Orchestra Standard size - £ 24.95 Solo Small - £ 15.15

{short description of image} Tailpiece Tailpiece {short description of image} {short description of image} {short description of image}
Pusch(when available)
4 Built-in adjusters.
Ebony, Boxwood, Rosewood, 4/4
Standard 36.25
Hill Pattern 38.70
4 built-in adjusters.
Alloy, 15"-16" & 16" - 17"

Lightweight composite
15"-16" & 16" - 17

Hill Pattern
black or white ridge,

Hill Pattern
Rosewood or Ebony,
black or white ridge,

Ebony/Rose 9.50

Boxwood only 10.40
{short description of image} Tailon
Nylon adjustable
 {short description of image}
Glasser Carbon Fibre Tailpiece; Fine quality American Carbon Fibre tailpiece with adjusters AND Carbon Fibre Tailon :
Available in 15½ - 16¼ and 15 -15½
Price £13
 Glasser Carbon Fibre Tailon £4.01
{short description of image}

Mini for loop-end (black/gold) 3.00 Mini for loop-end (black or chrome) 2.52
{short description of image}   Mini for ball-end (chrome only)  3.30 {short description of image}   Plastic loop-end protector, fits on mini adjuster's claw, pack of 8  3.48
Standard,black/gold 2.70 Standard,black, 1.80
Standard,chrome, 1.80 Floating, for 1.32
 Gewa sound improvement awakener Awakener

JPB Price £60

  • designed for sound improvement of your violin or viola
  • very short use cycle
  • shortens warming up
  • recommended for new instruments
  • recommended after repairs.
  • recommended after longer pauses and flights
  • with adapter (110/220V) battery case (2x"AA" batteries) for mobile use and instruction manual
  • For Violin/Viola

Gewa Awakener

THE BOWZO® bowing aid for Violins & small Violas (up to 14")
BowzoJPB Price: £10.90
How often have you wished that there was an effective device to assist in the correct bowing technique? Well look no further the BOWZO® has arrived, and we at JPB are pleased to be major stockists. This unique device has to be invaluable for Schools and Teachers alike as well as players experiencing problems with their bowing technique.

It is a slotted plastic tubular device that clips easily onto the bridge/fingerboard and guides the bow at 90 ° to the strings. Careful practice with the Bowzo trains violinists to see and feel straight bowing. Repeated use teaches muscle memory which remains once the Bowzo is removed.
Ideal for
  • Warm up before lesson
  • Use in the middle of practice sessions
  • Practising scales with a long bow
  • From ¼ to Full Size Violin and Small Sized (14") Violas
The Bowzo springs open and easily clips on to the bridge and fingerboard of the violin. Once attached, you place the bow inside the slot of the Bowzo and carefully practice your bowing technique The arrangement gives the user a visual frame of reference to see when they are bowing straight. It's a great way for users to experience what it feels like to bow straight.
What it does:
  • A temporary practice aid which provides visual feedback to the user when they are bowing straight
  • Allows free bowing movement within a straight path
  • Allows the user to see the fingerboard
  • When bowing correctly and straight the bow does not touch the Bowzo apart from a light brushing on one side or the other. Used sensibly, it will not damage violin or bow.
What it doesn't do:
  • The Bowzo is not designed for continuous use or for use during concerts but as an aid to sensible learning and practice.
  • The Bowzo is not designed for development of the left hand.
  • There is slight muting during practice with the Bowzo attached. However, players will achieve a better tone once a better bowing action is developed and the Bowzo is removed.
bowzo bowzo

Roth-Sihon, wire 4.50   Heifitz
Tourte Round 5.50 {short description of image} Tourte Waisted 3.50
Trident, ebony 4.80 {short description of image} Magnetic with clip 9.50
{short description of image} Glaesel 4.80   {short description of image} Ultra Practice
(very quiet)
Finissima Mute The Finnissima Mute.
A Superbly efficient sliding orchestral mute.

Humidifies interior to prevent shrinking/cracking


{short description of image}
{short description of image}
Indicates whether atmosphere is dry enough to need the humidifier. Dial type, adheres to interior of case.
Chrome & Silver 8.20

Gilt & Gold Coloured 11.90
Planet Waves Humidifier
Excellent violin/viola case humidifier. Needs redamping approx once a month.
12.68 {short description of image} STRETTO HUMIDIFIER
Highly recommended humidifier for stringed instruments. Fits to inside of case. It is supplied with spare humidifier bag. Available with or without pictured digital hygrometer.

Price with Hygrometer 56.40
Price for humidifier only 21.84
Hygrometer only 36.71
Spare Bags of crystals 10.80
Bow Hold Buddies
HoldFish & Bow Hold Buddies
Bow Holding Technique Aids Invented by master string teachers, Things 4 Strings® bow accessories help shape and stabilize bow holds. The accessories uniquely train the hand to hold the bow correctly and naturally, through muscle memory, thereby freeing the player to learn and enjoy other elements of string playing.

Beginners, young and old, enjoy the rewards of playing sooner, and progress though lesson material faster, because less time is spent on bow hold corrections.

Continuing players have found these accessories very useful for remedial work. Therapists have found many special applications for players with physical challenges in their bow hand.

{short description of image}
There are 2 different aids for the Violin & Viola Firstly the HoldFish Black Holdfish Available in 5 Colours: Black Sparkly Pink, Frosty Clear, Blue And Sunny Yellow JPB Price £26

{short description of image}
Secondly the Bow Hold Buddies Available in 4 Colourways Black; Blue; Sparkly Pink; And 2 Tone Gold/Green JPB Price £26