After a long time of only really being able to offer BAM cases as the ultimate in strong, but lightweight Viola cases, we are pleased that Gewa have now introduced their new Carbon Fibre models, which go beyond the limitations of the BAM cases, and present us with a case which will be available, rather than awaited!. As always with Gewa, you get top quality GERMAN manufacture, with the support that you expect from the worlds major instrument & case supplier. They are made in 3 weight ranges, the 2.6Kg, which is pure carbon fibre, the 2.8 Kg, which is 80% Carbon Fibre, and silver in the weave to reflect sunlight, and the 3.4Kg which is a carbon fibre reinforced resin case and supplied with a music pocket. All of the cases exhibit a very slim style to assist in acceptance by airlines.
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This Case is available from JPB at the Special launch price of £890
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This Case is available from JPB at the Special launch price of £860

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This Case is available from JPB at the Special launch price of £530
bass gig stand
Capital Cases alternate colours
Cello gig stand
Semi Shaped Thermoshell, canvas cover, blanket, strap, size adjustable to any viola, ruck-straps. Available in Blue & Black
Violin gig stand
Tough plastic shell, with canvas cover, music pocket, strap. 3.1kg
Available in Blue, Burgundy, & Black
"One size fits all"
Pedi New Model Aluminium Reinforced Case
Pedi New Model Aluminium Reinforced Case

This Pedi Viola Case exclusively uses a structure which adopts an entirely different design for a viola case. This patented new design Case uses aluminum layer structure and makes successfully target of balance on function, weight, strength, shock resistance and heat resistance. (Please note not a quilted cover) In addition, this particular Pedi Case also improves upon the traditional defects of foam (low pressure resistance), plywood (heavy weight) and carbon violin case (few functions, lack of shock and heat resistance.) This Pedi Exclusive Viola Case featuring this revolutionary Aluminum strengthening layer not only offers an incredible 80Kg of pressure resistance, but is also amazingly lightweight too (2.8Kg)

It really is a super and strong case for sale at only £190
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JTL Large
16 - 16½ Interior
new jtlsmall
15 - 15½ Interior
The ever popular JTL Cases are now also being made in Viola sizes. This Styrofoam shell case is really well appointed, and even more attractively priced. It has a canvas cover, with music pocket, internal accessory pockets, blanket, string tube ruck straps, lock & 5 colours. Available semi shaped or rectangular.
Semi Shaped Sized 15-15½ & 16-16½ from 1.7Kg £46.00,
Rectangular Sized 15-15½ & 16-16½ from 3.1Kg £90.00
With Violas, because of the many dimensional variations, it is often well worth advising us of YOUR viola's dimensions. These should include where possible the back length, (not including button at base of the neck), the upper & lower bout widths, overall length, and if a deep instrument, the back to top of bridge measurement, all in inches if possible!
The above is a selection of the cases available. Should you require more information on current stocks, please enquire, and we will happily answer any questions.
As always, we try to keep our case prices realistic, and not charge inflated prices for inexpensive cases Quality as always is paramount .